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Europallets and Industrial Packing

Our company’s activities include selling, buying, collecting and repairing new or second-hand pallets and europallets (for reintroduction into the economic circuit), marked or unmarked for internal or external use – treated according to the ISPM15 international standard.

Used europallets and pallets

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Our products in the range of pallets and europallets are:  • Used europallets and pallets  • New Europallets and pallets  • High capacity and tonnage packing and parcels  • ISPM15 Treatments

Their size is the standard, 1200×800, but at the customer’s request we can offer any type of pallets and europallets.

New Europallets and pallets

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The sale is done at the point of work in Bucharest (Drumul Gura Ariesului street no 42 – 58, sector 3) for any quantity and for quantities larger than 100 pieces the delivery is free of charge to the customer’s warehouse, for Bucharest – Ilfov area.

High capacity and tonnage packing and parcels

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Collection and Purchase

The collection and purchase is done directly at our work point in Bucharest (Drumul Gura Ariesului Street, no. 42-58, Sector 3), or by us directly from suppliers, starting from the quantity of 20 pieces and in the Bucharest area and the belt area.