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Second hand europallets

Mob Vip is a company with over 10 years of tradition as a supplier for used pallets, wood packages treated in accordance with the international ISPM15 standard, docking and anchoring solutions for both terestrial and maritime transport activities and also furniture production.

One of these segments is the production of wooden packaging and heat-treated wood material applied in accordance with the ISPM15 standard, and our current clients are among the major parts, components and equipment exporters in the world.

Wooden packaging and the europallets are mandatory elements in an export operation, and only with our products you can safely transport your componets abroad.

Affordable quality products and timely delivery are our core strengths.

For the future, our plan is to increase the number of clients, both internally and externally, to develop production lines and increase the number of quality products and services to the EU standards, to become the top company in Romania providing services in these market segments.